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Description of the tour

The route is mostly cross-country. It includes the passage through the Valley of Silence, where you will learn about the tradition and culture of tobacco; In Cuajaní (heart of the valley) you will exchange with farmers, learn about the process of coffee production and honey harvesting. At the Mirador de Bella Vista you will appreciate the best images of the landscape, which can be combined with birth or sunset. In addition, the route includes the proximity of the Mural of Prehistory.

Through it you can appreciate the beauty of the natural environment, accompanied by history and tradition that make this site Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In addition, you can include in your itinerary the entrance to the Mural of Prehistory, Cueva del Indio, visit to the river or the Canopy or another attraction of your interest that you can include in the service.

The tour lasts 4 hours during which you will be accompanied by a guide who knows the history of the area. The guiding language will be Spanish and English throughout the tour. In the explanation of the tradition and culture of tobacco in agroecology, the German or French language will be additionally used, so you must request it previously in the reservation form.


Agroecological farm

At the Agroecological Farm you can obtain a description in French or German of the tobacco production process.

What you can get on a tour in a horse carriage

  • Guided in English and Spanish Language
  • Interaction with the production process of honey, coffee and tobacco
  • Information on archaeological evidence of the existence of aborigines in Cuba
  • Agrotourism practices and interaction with the culture of tradition of planting according to the season
  • We are part of the Cuban private sector, commercially located in one of the most important tourist destinations in Cuba, Viñales National Park.
  • We have a pruduct elite of colonial style carriages, pulled by horses that recreate the client in a natural spectacle.