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"With chaise to the casabe"


Our project aims to offer you a journey through the history of Cuba from colonial times to the discovery in 1492, for this we have carriages, means of transport used by the Spaniards on the island and archaeological evidence of Aboriginal presence in Viñales.



Knowing the culture of Cuba and mainly the Viñales area will always be a great experience. Our nation is imbued with strong roots, with a mixture of Aboriginal, Spanish and African cultures that will be brought to you on a tour of the area..


Supported by a colonial-era transport known as "La calesa colonial" we want the client to know about the main crops in the area, as well as to interact with the tobacco production process, coffee and honey harvesting.

Tour in horse-drawn carriages

They include the passage through the Valley of Silence, where you can interact with the process of production of tobacco and the process of the production of honey and coffee, you will also have the opportunity to visit El Cajuaní (Heart of the Valley), the Mirador de Bella Vista and the vicinity of the Mural of Prehistory.

Tour details

The tour lasts 4 hours during which you will be accompanied by a guide who knows the history of the area.The guiding language will be Spanish and English throughout the tour. In the explanation of the tobacco production process, the German or French language will be additionally used, so you must request it previously in the reservation form. The maximum number of people per trip is 10 and the price is 25 cuc per person.

Our Clients

For our project, the customer feedback is extremely important.


"Stavamo per fare il tour in autobus quando abbiamo deciso di affidarci a Frank per visitare gli stessi punti di interesse ma con la magia ed il
fascino retrò del calesse e con un Cicerone d'eccezione. Esperienza
unica perché affidandoci a lui abbiamo potuto visitare i posti migliori.
La sua gentilezza ed il suo attaccamento alla sua terra ed al progetto
di "viaggiando nel tempo" hanno reso l'esperienza indimenticabile.





We met Frank during our trip to Cuba . He's so cute and expert . he showed us a lot of interesting things and support the visit with history and art suggestions. Great experience with mojito into the nature in a little bar on the hill top. I think was the BEST we could find!

Alessia y Giovanni



Viñales | Cuba

Located in the Province of Pinar del Río, known as: The best tobacco route in the world.

"Know why Viñales is the tourist destination par excellence of those who love nature in Cuba."

We are a project with a registered trademark in Cuba and our vision is to offer tours in colonial carriages, as a reflection of the Spanish era in Cuba, linked to strong aspects of the culture of the Cuban aborigines.

...an experience at your fingertips

Enjoying these wonderful landscapes has never been so easy. Thanks to Traveling Back in Time
you can learn about the customs and traditions of Viñales like never before.

Our BLog

Through this blog you can learn about the culture and tradition of Cuba and especially Viñales.

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